Activities Gallery

Take a peek into some of our Extra-Curricular Activities

School Excursion

We see school excursions as being about more than just loading students onto a bus and taking them somewhere. School Excursions are a unique opportunity for students to explore their world, adding to and building on knowledge gained in the classroom.

Colour Day

Color affects the mood in adults and more so in children. Color psychology and its impact on a child’s learning abilities and behavior is a much researched subject.

Career Day

The goal of career day is to introduce students to careers by bringing community members into the school to discuss their jobs.


Orators Leadership Spelling Award

It can be said without any doubt that all major world shaking events have been brought about by the power of the spoken words. The art of Oratory or public speaking is no doubt a gifted talent but it also requires the conviction, knowledge and the confidence. Many famous orators have influenced the course of the history of the mankind, and we at FULLPAGE Schools are at the forefront

Cultural Day

For students, parents and members of staff of FULLPAGE Schools, celebrating Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage is not only necessary, but of utmost priority. This is what informed the celebration of Cultural Day in the school, where everybody was dressed in gorgeous indigenous cultural attires. Various songs were rendered in Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, and other local languages