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FullPage Schools

aims to provide a challenging academic programme and supportive learning environment to cultivate in our learners a reflective, open-minded and inquiring approach to both their education and the wider school community.

Mission Statement

'To provide the highest qualitative education in a secure and positive environment where kids come first'


Okonkwo Celestine

Thank you for taking the time to browse our website. I hope that you find it informative and that it answers any questions you may have. I feel truly privileged to lead such a wonderful school and to have the opportunity of ensuring that each child at FULLPAGE Schools receives the best possible education in their formative years.

At FULLPAGE Schools we have high expectations of our children and set challenging targets for them. Every child is encouraged to reach their full potential and we recognize that every child is special and has their own contributions to make

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84, Ladega street, Olodi Apapa, Lagos

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